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8 Mind Body ~ Building a Extraordinary Relationship

IMAGINE having the best relationship of your life...with your BODY.

Your EIGHT (8), 1-hour sessions will exponentially improve this unique relationship.


Karma Clearing Intensive

6 - one hour mind clearing sessions focused on the karma clearing process. For Mind Clearing students only

12 Sessions Package for Students

In these 18 hours imagine uncovering obstacles and states; significantly developing the ability to stay in cycle and clearing issues that hold you back in life.

This 12 session package helps you keep on track. Weekly sessions recommended.

Go ahead and book online now and receive TWELVE (12) Mind Clearing sessions - from a seasoned professional.

Mind Clearing for Students (8 session pkg)

8 (eight) 1 1/2 hour professionally led Mind Clearing sessions are intended to be priced affordably for students.

Receive Mind Clearing sessions from a seasoned professional.

Each session builds upon the previous one and helps develop your ability to stay in cycle and clear issues. A minimum of one session per week is recommended.

These can also help develop your capacity for one who is studying the Basics of Clearing.

Emotion Clearing Intensive


Begin mastering your emotions with a 3 day Emotion Clearing Intensive. 6 powerful Emotion Clearing sessions and 1 dynamic integration session.

This session intensive is residential in Markdale, Ontario. Arrangements can be made to receive sessions on the West Coast of Canada or in Paris, France

Accommodation and meals are not included, however, these can be arranged for a small additional charge.

PREREQUISITE: minimum 6 Mind Clearing sessions with success, and at Clearer's discretion.

Inquiries welcome.